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The Facilities, Mechanical, Electrical Resource Center


Dec 25,2001
Editor: Thomas Yoon
Publisher: Facworld Marketing 


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Publisher's Note 

Hi there,

What's that burning smell?

If you are running machinery, you will be asked this sooner or
later. Machines produce heat. And heat produces burning smells.
It's as simple as that! I am sure many of us can sense that
something is not right when we smell burning. After all burning
means overheating. Machines are not meant to overheat. But
sometimes they do.


How to tackle this?

Is it from the electrical source, or the mechanical source?
Is there an overload in the electrical circuits? Is there a
loose electrical connection somewhere? How about mechanical?
Are the moving parts lubricated well? Does the lubrication oil
take the heat away?

Questions…and more questions… But that is the way to troubleshoot.
The more questions you ask, the better you are at arriving at
the solution. You look at the problem from all angles.

Give it a try! Ask questions, and more questions…

Until next time…. Happy troubleshooting!

Best wishes,

Thomas Yoon


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A new range of energy meters provide a simple, rapid and
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Full-color book designed as a reference manual for
industrial hydraulic tools. Contains information on products
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Light weight submersible pumps for drainage and sludge.
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Blowers with extraordinary characteristics: quietness, easier and
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Hot-air tools, blowers, hot-air blowers for welding,
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Instant water storage! Store pure drinking water with new
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Ultra-tough rubber compounds and heavy tire-cord
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Are Visitors Afraid To Buy From Your Website?
By Bill Daugherty

Are you losing money everyday because of people's
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It is this uneasiness that causes people, who need
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change their minds about making a purchase at the last
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last minute back-outs are due to the fears brought
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To counter this reluctance to shop online, you must do
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Here are some ways to add credibility to a Website:

Place your contact information - including your name,
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Use third party credibility by collecting testimonials
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Another way to lend third party credibility to your
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Pictures of your product(s) will greatly increase
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Clearly state your policy on returns, including any
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Let your visitors know how your products and services
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Anything you can do to personalize your website will
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The key to adding credibility to any site is to put
yourself in the visitor's shoes. Ask yourself, what
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