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Apr 1, 2002
Editor: Thomas Yoon
Publisher: Facworld Ezine


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Publisher's Note 

Hi there,

Some people call them capacitors. Others call them condensers. 
These components store electrical charges. 

Mechanical systems also have condensers. Condensers are found 
underneath steam turbines. Air-conditioning systems have 
condensers too.

How this name came about is a mystery to me. Perhaps it is 
because the condenser is the place for converting vapor or 
gas into liquid - at least for mechanical systems.

So it is a kind of heat exchanger. What is the cooling medium?

For air-conditioning systems, the most common cooling medium 
is water and air. The vapor to be cooled is the refrigerant. 
And you've guessed it... It changes hot refrigerant gas into 

When it does that, heat energy is removed from the refrigerant. 
The heat gets transferred to the cooling medium.

Actually that's how heat is removed from air-conditioned space. 
The heat from a building is transferred to the refrigerant 
through cooling coils. This heat is then transferred to the 
condenser. The heat is then transferred to the cooling medium. 
The cooling medium finally transfers the heat to the admosphere 
or to the sea.

Of course, there are many other components in between to make 
the system work. More of this will be discussed in our future 

Until next time…

Thomas Yoon
Editor, Facworld Ezine
More information can be obtained at

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What am I getting at? Well...

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potential opportunity.

Given such conditions, the natural survival
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bit like clinging to a life raft when a ship
is's the safest thing to do.
But is it?

The ship of life is not sinking. It's just changing
direction and you can either stay on board
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life raft of hope.

Like it or not, we are living in one of the most
exciting periods civilization has ever known -
the information age. This is a period of
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Prepare yourself for the adventures of your
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And...even if you don't change the world, you can
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