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July 2, 2002
Editor: Thomas Yoon
Publisher: Facworld Ezine


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Publisher's Note

Hi there,

The most common air conditioning units we see nowadays is the
air-cooled split unit. It used to be the window unit many years
ago. I guess it must be quietness of the split units that won the
hearts of the users.

In any air conditioning unit, there must be a process for absorbing
heat from the indoors and discharging it to the outdoors. For
air-cooled units, the heat is discharged directly to the atmosphere.

What's the difference then between window units and split units?

In the window units, the whole refrigeration circuit is installed
in a box-like enclosure. The cold portion is separated from the hot
portion by partitions. As the name suggests, usually it is installed
at a window, mainly because this is the easiest place to make an
opening in the wall. Failure to find a window opening may mean
hacking the wall to create an opening roughly the same size as the
window air cond unit.

Because the compressor, blower fan, condenser fans and other moving
machinery are all installed in the same box, much of the noise they
make gets transmitted to the room indoors. This type of air
conditioning unit tends to be quite noisy.

Now, if we split the refrigeration circuit, placing the compressor,
and the condenser units outdoors, and the expansion valve with the
evaporator coil indoors, we will be able to reduce much of the noise.

This is exactly what happens in the air-cooled split units. More
copper tubing, electrical wiring, bracketing, and other installation
work may be required, but it will be worth the extras if you are
looking for quietness and better appearance.

One word of caution! Make sure that the copper piping is sized and
laid up properly. If not, you may find that your compressor seizes
up due to lack of lubrication oil. The lubrication oil goes out from
the compressor but does not return.

Until next time…

Thomas Yoon
Editor, Facworld Ezine
More information can be obtained at


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