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March 3, 2003
Editor: Thomas Yoon

Publisher: Facworld Ezine


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Publisher's Note

Hi there,

Industrial Processes usually produces a lot of heat.
Air-conditioning also removes heat from the indoor areas
through heat exchangers.

Where does all the heat go?

All these heat has to be removed. If you are not near the
sea, you have to use cooling towers to cool down your warm

Cooling towers make use of air currents to cool warm water.
However, a basic rule has to be made when you want to
extract heat from any object, including water. Heat has to
be taken from a higher temperature source to a lower
temperature medium.

If the air is already warm, it will not be able to cool down
the warm water. The temperature difference is very important.

Another important point in cooling tower efficiency is how
much the water is exposed to the air. If the water is allowed
to trickle down, and their contact surface with the air is
made large, more heat exchange takes place.

Plastic diffusers designed with wavy patterns are inserted at
cooling towers to increase the contact surfaces of the water
when it meets with the cooling air stream.

There are several shapes of cooling towers, but they operate
on the same principle.

There are basically 2 types airflow patterns in cooling towers:

The cross-flow type of cooling tower makes use of air flowing
at right angles to the water dropping down. The fans are
positioned so that the air stream flows through the cooling
tower from the sides. Water is distributed at the top, and is
allowed to drip down to meet with the air.

The characteristic shape of these cooling towers is usually
rectangular shape. Depending on the design, there may be
several small fans installed at the top of the cooling tower.
However, the fan(s) may also be located at the sides of the
cooling tower and the air may be ducted.

The counter-flow type of cooling tower makes use of air flowing
in the opposite direction and against the flow of the water. In
one design, water flows out through rotating spreader arms to
distribute the water and let it drop through the plastic
diffusers evenly.

In this design, the shape of the cooling tower is a bottle
shape. It is fitted with one single large fan to suck the air
to create the airflow. The diameter of the area where the heat
exchange takes place is made larger so that more contact
surfaces is exposed. The fan is heavy and huge. Its speed is
usually made lower than that of the motor by the use of
reduction gears.

There may be a few designs. Some use fans located at the bottom,
some have fans at the top, some have large fans, some make use
of several small fans.

The materials used in cooling towers have to be selected to be
able to withstand ultraviolet ray exposure from the sun,
moisture and other outdoor weather effects.

Cooling towers are truly rugged workhorses of industry.

Folks, be cool!

Until next time…

Thomas Yoon
Editor, Facworld Ezine
More information can be obtained at


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By Jim Edwards

Have you ever had your computer make you want to commit an
act of violence, such as throwing it out the window?

No, not you.

Computer problems only happen to other people - NOT!

Nothing frustrates me more than having a deadline or
important task interrupted by my computer losing its mind.

The next time your computer acts up, try these tips and see
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** Computer Locked-Up? **

Computers usually lock-up because a program becomes
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Regardless of why your computer stopped responding, the
following sequence should help you avoid damaging your
software while trying to get going again.

The first step after you lock up is to press the
Ctrl+Alt+Delete keys at the same time. A dialog box should
appear showing which programs are running.

Look for a program that has "Not Responding" or a similar
message next to the program name.

If your mouse still works, click on the program and then
click "End Task" or "End Process". If this unlocks the
computer, exit Windows and shutdown properly. Restart in 15

If your mouse doesn't work, but your keyboard still
functions, press Alt+F4 to start closing down programs,
including Windows.

If your mouse and keyboard don't respond at all, none of
the above steps work, and you can't shut down properly,
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** Computer Won't Boot Up? **

Make sure you don't have any floppy disks in the disk

A floppy in the drive will prevent the computer from
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** Hard Drive Making Noises? **

Now that's a cause for serious panic!

If your hard drive starts making strange noises, you need
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** "Blue Screen of Death" **

The ultimate cause for panic... at least for me.

Who hasn't gotten that blue screen in Microsoft Windows
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Needless to say, most people either get scared or annoyed
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The same thing happens when error messages pop up telling
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Everyone experiences computer errors occasionally, but
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To save time and money on technical support, users should
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Record the error message, time, date, and the circumstances
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With a blue screen message, write down the entire error

When an illegal operation occurs, click the "details"
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