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The Cost-Cutting Executive

Are you wasting your time in your cost-cutting efforts? Do you feel that there is nothing much you can do to reduce costs? Are your overheads eating into your profits? Do you feel that your business could do better?


I am sure you will have thought about this at some point in your own life. What have you done about it? Did you manage to reduce your costs without sacrificing your quality?


Do you feel that there must be some way to reduce your office supply costs and boost up your bottom-line profits?

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Would you believe the prices on inkjet cartridges? About $35 for a color HP cartridge, and another small fortune for an Epson cartridge.

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Like many who manages office supplies, administration and finances, you will face a lot of hurdles in your efforts:

bulletYour printer users demand high quality printing cartridges.
bulletYour finances demand a lower cost.
bulletYour time is fully occupied with running your business, and you cannot afford to buy from the local shops.
bulletYou want the goods to be delivered to you in a timely manner.
bulletYour printing needs cover many brands and equipment. You want to buy from a single one-stop outlet.
bulletYou want to make sure that the products that you use are covered with guarantees.
bulletYou want hassle-free and risk-free products.
bulletYour customers demand high quality printing from you.

Survival of the Fittest - The Law of Nature

The business world has a simple rule of survival. Through good logistics and products, we are able to provide the best products for you. We provide a wide range of printer cartridge brands that also includes fax and copier toners, papers, ribbons. It could be your answer to profitability for your business. You need to be able to:

bulletGet a clear advantage over your competitors. With so much hurdles that you face, you could do with any additional cost-saving measures.
bulletImpress your clients with your excellent quality printing materials. Printed materials are so subtle! Your clients can be won over with the quality printing you produce.
bulletStrike up good business relations with clients. Your clients will simply love be associated with businesses that display high quality work.
bulletImprove your own personal life. Your savvy choice of a good printer supplier will put you in a good position in your office.
bulletReduce your own home computer printer expenditures. This will mean more money for other things.
bulletGet more time for yourself. By buying on-line with a reputable printer supplier, you are freeing up your time spent on shopping. 
bulletMake use of value packs to get discounts up to 6% off the regular prices. This is in addition to the low prices we offer.
bulletGet 90-day Risk-Free Guarantees on products.
bulletGet 1-year Product Quality Guarantees.

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As a business person, you know that Quality is Everything! They will make or break your business. Your business will only be successful when clients are impressed with your quality. Printed materials portray the quality of your business. Don't you think that impressing your customers should be your top priority?

It's simply not sufficient for you to contact customers. You have to Impress them with your Quality Printing! Your sales messages, correspondence and other printed materials will portray the quality of your business. Use the best quality printing for lasting impressions.

123inkjets is about Obtaining Quality Printing Supplies at Maximum Savings.

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Ask around! Successful business people are willing to invest in things that will improve their operations.

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Being successful in your business is a long-term investment. All business people know this. The ingredients of a successful business must all be in place. But the only thing that will generate a successful business is CUSTOMERS. They are the ones who will generate income for your business. So impress your customers with all that you have. They are critical to your success!

Is there a way to pull them in without spending a Fortune? 123inkjets may be your answer. Quality Printing can often convince them to do business with you.

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