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Warning: "This product is not for the timid. It is definitely what you have been looking for!"

"The Most Powerful Achievement Program Ever"
Personal, Financial, Sales, Business Success...
Learn from Brian Tracy, one of the world's leading authorities on personal and business success

If you've been struggling to earn a living, working for a wage, or promoting your talents, or marketing your products and services, you're not alone. It's not as easy as some people make it out to be... as you'll know if you've been trying.

But what if I told you that I've discovered that Brian Tracy's fast-moving talks and seminars on Leadership, sales, managerial effectiveness and business strategy are loaded with powerful, proven ideas and strategies that people can immediately apply to get better results in every area will you jump at the chance to Succeed? A program that will help you become more successful beyond your wildest dream?

From: Thomas Yoon

Dear Friend,

There are only a few people who really succeed in all areas of their life and don't let anyone tell you any differently.

Except for a few who become wildly successful, most people go through life struggling to make ends meet. Day in, day out they kept on working for a living, pounding the pavement, seeing clients and hoping to get them to buy your products or services. Their working day is a drudgery. Many others kept on with jobs that they hate.

Others go through life without an aim. They move from one job to another, making mistakes here and there. There were times when they met with some success, but at other times they found failure.

People get busy in a lot of activities, but found out later that they did not achieve much. Time was wasted. They realize that they were not productive at all!

Believe me when I say that Brian Tracy has released the most powerful achievement program ever! His method called The Power of Clarity, consisting of six audio cassettes or CDs plus workbook is a bestseller like no other program you have ever seen.

You'll be able to:

bulletSet and Achieve all Your Goals
bullet Manage Your Time Better and Double Your Productivity
bullet Decide Exactly what You Want and How to Get it - In Every Area of Life
bullet Become Successful and Productive

In another Success Program entitled The Ultimate Goals Program, consisting of six audio cassettes or CDs, plus workbook, you will learn the 21 most important strategies and techniques ever discovered to help you accomplish more of your goals, faster than you ever have before. In this exciting program, you will learn how to:

bullet Determine Your True Goals
bullet Analyze Your Beliefs
bullet Measure Your Progress
bullet Remove the Roadblocks
bullet Visualize Your Goals Continually
bullet Remain Flexible at All Times
bullet Unlock Your Inborn Creativity
bullet Persist Until You Succeed

Yet another super program is The Science of Self-Confidence. This is a must for developing unshakable self-confidence and becoming unstoppable in everything you do. In this program, you will learn to:

bullet Decide Exactly what You Want in Every Area
bullet Become Excellent at Your Key Tasks
bulletGet Your Ideas Across Fast and Effectively
bullet Eliminate Fear and Shyness Forever
bulletTrust Yourself in Every Decision You Make
bulletBe More Assertive in Your Relationships
bulletEarn the Respect and Support of Others
bulletTake Complete Control of Your Life and Work

If you are into selling and marketing, there is also a fantastic program, The Psychology of Selling, that will double and triple your sales result. You will learn the techniques used by top salespeople in every field:

bulletGet More and Better Appointments
bulletSpend More Time with Better Prospects
bulletBuild High Levels of Trust and Rapport
bulletSet and Achieve Every Sales and Income Goal
bullet Overcome Any Objection Effectively
bulletClose Sales Quickly and Easily

In the world-wide best-selling program on Success and Achievement, The Psychology of Achievement, (1,000,000 sold in 20 languages), you will learn how to achieve all your goals:

bullet Achieve Your Goals with the Most Powerful System Ever Developed
bulletTake Charge of Your Life, Eliminate Negative Emotions
bullet Reprogram Your Mind for Success
bullet Unlock the Powers of Your Super-Conscious Mind
bullet Release Your Brakes and Leap Ahead
bulletGet Along Wonderfully with the Most Important People in Your Life

All the above Programs come with an Unconditionally Guarantee for One Year

Would You Like Your FREE Program to be a Compact Disc or a Cassette Tape?

That's right!  No matter what your background, you'll find out how to promote yourself:

Look, you don't have to be a genius to be successful - it's all in the techniques and the training of your Mind. We have been bombarded by the people around us to believe in what the world wants us to believe.

You can change your belief system if you know how. Let Brian Tracy teach you how! He has been acknowledged as one of the World's Leading Authorities on Personal and Business Success. He knows, and He is able to share that knowledge NOW! Brian Tracy Home Page

You don't need to spend a fortune either. Watch for the incredible discounts. And the Unconditional Guarantee for One Year! With the price of what people normally spend for dinners, you will get a program that will bring in much, much more than you bargained for.

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   Warmest Regards,

  Thomas Yoon

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