centrifugal water pumps troubleshooting diagnostic software freeware tool for engineering maintenance, project, sales, construction mechanical engineers

Discover the quick and easy way to solve your pump problems with ...


Pump Troubleshooting Software

* DiagnoPump *

Click on the above to download the pump troubleshooting software, diagnopump.exe ...


You can insert your own name, contact address, telephone, fax, email, web url and company's name into this software for distribution. To do that:

  • Download dpmodify.exe file and place it in the same folder as your diagnopump.exe file in your computer harddisk.
  • At your computer, click on the dpmodify.exe file. Follow the instructions and type in your own particulars to modify the DiagnoPump software. They will then be inserted into the DiagnoPump software.
  • You may choose to distribute only the modified diagnopump.exe file to your associates, in which case, they will not be able to modify it anymore.
  • Or, you may choose to distribute both the pump troubleshooting software, diagnopump.exe, together with the modification software, dpmodify.exe. This gives them the flexibility to modify and distribute as they wish.
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